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Here are some links to other Chicken sites:

Abendroth Hatchery in Waterloo, WI

Our Fly Babies in Bancroft, WI

Purely Poultry in Fremont, WI

Sunnyside Hatchery in Beaver Dam, WI

Tarazod Films blog: Read all about the feature film, Mad City Chickens, in which many Mad City Chickens (and owners) are in.

The Backyard Chicken: "We started this site in 1999 to help others find the information they need to raise, keep and appreciate chickens." This site is a great place to start!

Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart: This web site has a great chart to help you select the breeds of chickens that suite your preferences best. There is an alphabetical list of chicken breeds where you can find out, for example which breeds are best for backyard flocks (withstand confinement, calm temperament, easy to handle, etc.). Also includes links for advice, forums, historic info, health and disease, genetics, preservation...lots of information here!

Backyard Poultry magazine
backyard poultry banner

My Pet Chicken has all sorts of chicken supplies, including chicken coop starter kits (with or without chickens), coop plans, gift shop and so forth.

Backyard Chicken's message board. See what kind of poultry questions and problems other chicken people have encountered. Ask your own questions here.

Try McMurray Hatchery if you and your friends are ordering 25 or more chickens*. This Webster City, Iowa hatchery is the biggest in the United States that offers the widest variety of poultry breeds (exotics, layers, bantams...), they also sell a wide variety of supplies and equipment: nesting boxes, vitamins, books, shampoos, brooders, etc.

McMurray also has a section on chick care.

Stromberg's Chicks & Gamebirds Unlimited is a hatchery up in Minnesota that supplies chicks, eggs, birds, poultry supplies and equipment, books, and videos, etc.

Welp Hatchery, also in Iowa, offers chicks and poultry supplies as well.

The Poultry Extension at the University of Wisconsin. Lots of information from real Poultry Scientists! Subscribe to Hatch.

Penn State's Poultry Extension

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has information about home flocks, incubation, poultry management, etc.

Eggbid, like ebay, is a place to bid on items, except here the items are poultry and poultry related. People buy and sell their birds, other small animals, and equipment here. Warnings are updated regularly for Avian flu outbreaks, state regulations,etc., and yes, you should always read the small print and do background checks on sellers (available at Eggbid as well). Sue says: "I got 8 wild turkeys poults from here at a great price, in great health--I went to Eggbid because I wanted less than the 25 minimum order, and I was having trouble finding this particular strain anywhere else."

Sand Hill Preservation Center
Heirloom seeds and Poultry. Calamus, Iowa, 52729
"Over 1000 rare and genetic treasures for your selection. Dedicated tp the preservation of our genetic resources."
(563) 246-2299

Chicken-related designs by S.V. Medaris on merchandise shirts, mugs, aprons:
The Poultry Underground • A Chicken Line (with chicken quote by Grandma Moses • The Farmer's Wife (from "Three Blind Mice") --all at The Dancing Dog.

The Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
An organization geared towards the conservation of rare and historic poultry. If you would like more information on these rare breeds, or would like to keep a small flock of these wonderful birds please contact Christine Willard Heinrichs.

*Note: Most mail-order hatcheries have a minimum order policy of 25 chickens.

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