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Coops for sale:
Email Matt Albrecht or call 888-44SHEDS. Fax: 610-593-7701
Matt Albrecht, Senior Account Representative
Horizon Structures, LLC, 5075 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA 19310

See the 4ft x 6ft coop assembled and ready to ship.

A sampling of coops:

Build this attractive, 4' x 8' Portable Playhouse Coop. It houses up to 5 chickens, no insulation or heating required.
To find out more, email Dennis at

You can see a sample of the plans and a short video on Ebay. Just search Ebay for "chicken coop plans." No waiting, you can download the plans to your computer instantly!

A beautiful, backyard chicken coop on Madison's south side.

chicken poses with modern curvy plastic container

What the?!??
It's the oh-so-fashionable Eglu (fits 2 regular or 3 bantam chickens). Eglus, attached runs and more at Omlet USA.

A gorgeous, sturdy backyard coop (complete with weathervane and owl deterrent)....and a few of it's occupants.

Coming soon: more coop photos, designs, links, plans, etc. for the backyard poultry owner

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