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Nutrena proudly supports the small flock poultry enthusiast
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Hens, chicks, eggs Free Range Poultry from Heritage Breeds Contact Dave Giehtbrock at 608-512-6430 or email Located in Evansville, WI (one half hour south of the beltline) Day old chicks and started hens (>6 weeks) available from my own flock of heirloom chickens. I have Delawares, Barred Hollands and Red Sex links. Custom hatching and brooding upon request. I can also purchase from other hatcheries and brood for you. At times we have assortments purchased from hatcheries for you to buy, please call or email to check what is available. Fertile eggs available to use under your broody hen too. If you don’t want to deal with heat lamps and baby birds buy from us at 6 weeks or older. Pullets ready to lay are occasionally available. I guarantee gender all birds. If you get a rooster you can return or exchange him for a hen. We are the home of the “Best in Show” chicken at the 2012 Rock County 4-H Fair!

Coop construction Red Rooster CoopsWebsite here for more information"My name is Jeff Jicinsky. I started a custom coop making business several years ago just outside of Middleton, WI. Sue Troller, the author of "Cluck" and the owner or "Cluck the chicken Store" has been a huge supporter of my work. I make coops to suit all price points of prospective and current chicken "wranglers" but the majority of the coops I build are for small flocks. "

Isthmus HandymanCall Dennis Harrison-Noonan at 345-2933Dennis will build your coop design, and is also willing to consult with you and offer construction ideas.

Backyard Poultry magazine backyard poultry banner

Books "How to Raise Chickens," MBI Publishing, $19.95, is now available.
Buy the book through Christine's Web site,,
where she posts poultry information on her blog, or at local book and feed stores.

Local writer and poultry lover Christine Heinrichs features Madison in the book:
Mad City Chickens and Madison's chicken ordinance are included in the chapter on Legal Aspects
Troy Gardens is in the first chapter on Why Keep Chickens and University of Wisconsin chickens appear in photographs.
Portage poultry judge Butch Gunderson demonstrates pointers for showing. Stoughton poultry expert Corallina Breuer took many pictures for the book.

Good eating! NEW! Lathrop Farms Contact Lathrop Farms at 608-835-7687. Visit our website at:
We are in McFarland, located in the town of Dunn, just a few minutes south of the Madison Beltline, in Dane County
Organic pasture raised broilers, stewing hens, heirloom turkeys, and
eggs for sale.

Running Chicken Farm Phone (608) 523-1340 or email ameliaf@tds.netA local farm (south of Mt. Horeb) that raises broiler chickens for eating. All their chickens are free-range, pastured chickens, and there are some organic ones for sale too. Chickens are processed and frozen at a USDA inspected facility. They can mail you a brochure with prices, availability, etc. Last year they sold out so call soon if you are interested!

The Cashton Feed Mill Phone: 608-654-5123 Frank Organic Feed and SupplyPlease call for a brochure: 920-674-5730. Fax: 920-674-5729 121 W. Candise St.
Jefferson, WI 53549

Organic Chicken FeedNutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz (Madison, WI)Liz Perry, owner
Tel: 608.256.DOGS(3647)
Fax: 608.256.3648

Processing Twin City PackPhone: 608-676-44285 mi. off the interstate, south of Janesville. Call for directions.
Birds are Wisconsin inspected. Chickens are processed, as well as other poultry.
Call 2 weeks ahead to schedule a processing date. Do not feed/water birds 24 hrs. prior to processing. Bring poultry in clean crates or cages (no pet carriers). Birds to be delivered day of processing between 6am-9am, with pick-ups scheduled after 1pm the following day(s).

Roasters and FryersContact Phil Peterson 262-434-0545 or email I have roasters for sale and coming soon, free range, organically raised fryers and roasters.

Video ChickenVideo.comA Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens
Allison Macleod has created an easy to follow, affordable video, on how to
raise chickens on a small scale. She also includes Organic alternatives...

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