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Calendar of Local Events: 2016
Mad City Chickens City-wide Coop Tour!

SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2016: 9am - 1pm

Visit several of Madison's backyard chicken coops and talk to the chicken owners!
Call 608-695-7914 for additional information.

City Chickens 101 Classes, 2016
Willie Street Co-op WEST: TBA
Willy St West is located at 6825 University Ave, Middleton, WI
Willie Street Co-op EAST: TBA
Willy St East is located at 1221 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703
(608) 251-6776
An Introduction to raising chickens in the city
The basics of raising chicks, coop building needs, egg production, types of breeds, and feed, will all be discussed. For more information, call the co-op at 608-251-0884 or email Alicia. We will be covering the basics of keeping chickens in your own backyard. You will learn the most important considerations in caring for a small flock of hens in a limited space. Topics will include nutrition, housing, behavior, and regulations. We will also discuss the various types of poultry available. Both benefits and drawbacks will be discussed. You will leave the class with a good sense of what is involved in successfully raising chickens.
Call the Co-op to register. Cost for Wille St. Co-Op Members TBA and TBA for Non-Members. Please pre-register by stopping in or calling Customer Service at 608-284-7800
Pro-Poultry People Pot-Luck Party!
Joan's place in Verona (directions below)
$1 (or more if you choose) donation... proceeds go to the Tour funds...
Bring a Dish to Pass, a Chair, photos, or a fun show-and-tell :)
Directions: TBA
This will be a chance for folks to meet other "chicken folks"
§ to talk about the different breeds
§ to share photos of your coop set-up (bring photos of your birds and coop, if you have them!)
§ to share ideas regarding winter care
§ to possibly find a "chicken sitter"
§ to find others who would like to be part of an order from a Hatchery
§ to talk about and set the date for, our 2nd Annual MadCityChickens Coop Tour!
All ages welcome!
**I don't know what the dish situation is there, so if you could bring your own plate and service ware that would be helpful! There is a kitchen available.

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